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Here’s where we’ve cruised on Liberty until this latest update. The first chart covers our first two years of cruising. The one below it started in June 2005 as we departed Beaufort, NC, and headed across the Atlantic, and there’s a chart to cover our Mediterranean explorations at the bottom of the page.  Now we’re back on the East Coast for a while, pretty much retracing a lot of our tracks from the chart immediately below this text ... back to some of our favorite New England and Canadian haunts ...

Cruise Map 0605

Start Date: June 1, 2003 in Washington, DC. We cruised the upper Chesapeake Bay, transited the C&D Canal to the Delaware Bay, then went offshore from Cape May to Block Island. We spent a month each in Maine, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. Our return trip retraced our northward route, except we sailed Long Island Sound and enjoyed the Big Apple on the way south.

We arrived back in Washington, DC the first week in November. After taking care of business, we departed for warmer waters on November 8th. Heading down the Potomac River and south on the Chesapeake Bay, we picked up the Intracoastal Waterway in Norfolk at mile 0. Four leisurely weeks later, we crossed into Florida on December 5th, after celebrating 6 months of cruising on December 1st! The weather was still quite chilly, so we pressed on, still looking for those warmer waters.

 After enjoying the coast of Florida for nearly a month, we took advantage of a good weather window and crossed the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas on New Year’s Eve. We spent the first day of 2004 in bathing suits, sailing in the turquoise waters of Little Bahama Bank! What a wonderful way to welcome in the new year and celebrate 7 months as cruisers!

We spent a great 5 weeks exploring the Abacos, the northernmost islands in the Bahamas, then headed south to the Central Bahamas, the Exuma Island chain for February and March. After meeting Ty’s daughter, Elisabeth, in Nassau mid-April, we returned to the Abacos to share them with her for the rest of the month

On May 7th, exactly two years from the date we made Liberty’s maiden voyage up the Gulf Stream (and now in our 12th month as cruisers), we set sail from Great Sale Cay in the Bahamas, retracing our track up the Gulf Stream. We made landfall at Charleston, SC.

In early June we went offshore on an overnight passage to Beaufort. From there we took the ICW to Norfolk, stopping in Oriental and Belhaven. A four-day offshore passage on June 17th took us from Norfolk to Martha’s Vineyard. After a leisurely four weeks in Narragansett Bay, we continued on to Provincetown. When the weather looked good for a two day passage we struck out for Nova Scotia. The 40 hour trip was easy and uneventful -- just how we like it! It was great to be once again enjoying the gorgeous Nova Scotia scenery and wonderful Canadian hospitality. After being there for a month, we woke up to a 48-degree cabin in the morning and decided it was time to head back to the US. We worked our way south again along the US east coast, enjoying a nice stay in Philadelphia for a change of pace. We enjoyed the longest port visit since we started cruising -- a few months in beautiful Charleston, SC, voted one of the top ten best-mannered cities in the US. In April 2005 we left Charleston and went offshore in several hops to Florida. We left Lake Worth and made an easy Gulf Stream crossing, arriving in the Bahamas for our second visit. This was our shakedown cruise before our Atlantic crossing in June. We spent three weeks in the Abacos, then sailed directly to Charleston. Another offshore hop took us to Beaufort for final provisioning.

On June 4th we departed Beaufort on our Atlantic crossing. We covered over 3700 miles in 27 days at sea. Here’s our track:

Atlantic Chart

On July 22 we arrived just outside Lisbon. After four days of exploring the area, we started working our way around the coast of Portugal and Spain. We transited the Straight of Gibraltar in 28 knots of wind, thrilled to see Africa 5 miles off our starboard beam. After a brief stop in Gibraltar it was into the Mediterranean. We explored a bit of the Costa del Sol then headed for the Balearic Islands. We didn’t stay there long, however, as we were meeting family in Italy in less than a month, so it was on to Sardinia, then another overnighter to Elba, just off Italy’s west coast. From Elba we traveled north along the Italian Riviera, then south to Rome where we wintered over.  On March 31st we left Rome and started making our way south along the coast of Italy. We spent a month exploring the Greek Ionian islands, then headed north into the Adriatic to cruise the Balkans (Montenegro and Croatia) for the month of June. After that we returned to the Ionian Islands, then continued east through the Corinth Canal and into the Aegean. We faced 10 days of the meltemi crossing the Aegean, arriving safely in Bodrum, Turkey on July 20th. From there we explored the coast from Bodrum to Marmaris.

Med Italy and Beyond

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