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Best Ty and Suzanne photo from L&L

June 2009

Thanks to Lowell and Lois Anderson for this photo!  See their great blog (the May 5th entry) at www.TheVillages Daily


Past Winners:

Photo of month dogs

October 2008

Dachshunds are kind of low-slung, so when the docks are wet, they get carried to the nearest plot of grass. Are these sailing wiener dogs spoiled?  Nah .........

on the hard sticks

September 2006

Forget those fancy metal stands they use in the US -- the Turks use tree trunks! Here’s Liberty tucked away in Turkey for the winter.  First time we saw the boats propped up on sticks, we had a fit. Now that it’s our turn, we see that she’s good and secure.

POM 202

July 2006

Anyone for a deck washdown?

June 2006

Suzanne “claims” the flag of Montenegro (the brand new one since they seceded from their federation with Serbia) after climbing the fortress walls from the Gulf of Kotor below.

Suz w flag
POM May 06

May 2006

Ty, Suzanne, and Rudy enjoy a glass of Retsina at a waterside taverna in Gaios on the island of Paxos, with our cruising guest, Jim. Liberty lies med moored to the sea wall behind us with her stern anchor out.  We love Greece!

April 2006

Here’s Liberty in Gaeta, Italy.  We two retired Navy officers felt right at home and were mighty proud to be anchored next to the US 6th Fleet Flagship, the USS MOUNT WHITNEY.   (You’ll notice we’re flying our US flag and Navy and Marine Corps flags)

POM Mt Whitney
Rick White photo

March 2006

A former colleague of Suzanne’s, Lieutenant Colonel Rick White, US Army, contacted us through our web site. He’s on his third tour in Iraq and recently noticed one of his soldiers in their Tactical Operations Center reading Cruising World magazine. He emailed us to tell us how surprised he was to see Suzanne as one of the Boat of the Year judges in the issue shown in the photo.  Rick is the Deputy Brigade Commander for the 2BCT, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).  Here’s Rick along the banks of the Euphrates. We all send Rick and his soldiers our thanks and prayers. Hooah!

February 2006

This is a photo we took of a poster advertising a new boat brokerage at our marina outside of Rome.  Cruising introduces you to cultural differences... This huge cultural difference may explain why we have seen NO Italian couples cruising!

POM 3002

December 2005

The proud father, having just “given away” daughter Susan in Havelock, North Carolina, on November 25th. (Help us honor our Susan by reading about her life, which ended far too soon).

October-November 2005

Our dog-in-a-bag goes wherever we go.


September 2005

Rudy the Sailing Wiener Dog thinks it’s pretty cool that he sailed all the way to Italy and now he gets to hang out at places like the leaning tower of Pisa!

POM August

August 2005

Ty performs a little maintenance on the anchor light in Portugal

July 2005 - #2

The view from Liberty’s slip in Angra do Heroismo, island of Terceira, the night before we left the Azores

Terceira old POM
POM 50.jpeg02

July 2005 - #1

Liberty lies along Horta’s famous sea wall on the island of Faial, Azores, with Pico volcano as a backdrop.

June 2005

Crew member Travis Roe descends the mast mid-way across the Atlantic Ocean after retrieving an errant furling swivel. His legs swing out as the boat goes through a thirty degree roll.

Photo of Month03
Photo of the Month02

May 2005

Liberty’s looking good in the mist alongside Ken and Jan Poole’s dock in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

May 2005

Ty and the dinghy appear to be suspended in air while afloat on the crystal clear waters of the Little Bahama Bank.

POM floating dinghy03
POM 30

April 2005

Liberty enjoys a special berth as guest of the South Carolina Yacht Club in Hilton Head.

March 2005

Our new dachshund puppy, Rudy, is this month’s winner -- or is that, wiener?

Cover Rudy 3003

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